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Suggestions to keep your LED screen fire free
Date:August 29th, 2017    Written by:Rick    

LED display products are getting more and more popular. Lots of LED display products are used for advertising, event functions, etc. When we are impressed by the advanced visual technology, we may overlook some of the fire hazards that caused by LED display products. In fact, during the past few years, more than 10 LED displays caused fired in China. The fire did not just happen to the outdoor LED display. Some of the fire hazards were caused by indoor LED display. So we should take this matter seriously. Here are some suggestions that how to keep your LED display products fire free. 

P10 outdoor LED display

1) Use high quality power cable. The power cable needs to be pure copper material because pure copper material has less resistance and create less heat. The sad thing is many LED display manufactures use poor quality of power cables. The cable material is mixed with copper and aluminum or even steel. So the cables will create more heat when it is at work, which is very dangerous. Meanwhile, there are two types of  power cables in one LED display. One is for the LED module, which is DC 5v. The other is for the whole LED panel, which is AC 110V or AC 220V. The cable section size of 5V cable should be 1.5 square millimeter or larger. The cable section size of AC 110V or AC 220V cable should be 2.5 square millimeter or larger.

2)Use high quality power supply. High quality power supply has more stable performance. As high quality power supply has high power efficiency, so it generates less heat. Normally we should choose the power supply which has UL or CE certificate.

3)Use high quality plastic components. The LED panel has some plastic components, such as module casing, module mask, etc. When we choose high quality plastic material, they are fire free. And they could stand high temperature without shaping or cracking. Also high quality plastic components has good waterproof performance, which makes the LED panel more secure during the raining season.

4)Use high quality aluminum plates for the structural frame. For outdoor advertising LED display products, there is a structural frame to hold the LED screen. If the LED display is used air conditioner cooling system, we will use aluminum plates to seal the frame so that the cooling air won't leak. High quality aluminum plates is fire free. From the London apartment building fire accident, we know how important is the quality of the aluminum plates. 

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